Remembering Glenda Lewe

I would like to acknowledge the passing of Glenda Lewe, an early pioneer in the field of workplace literacy in Canada.

I first met Glenda in 1984 when she worked at Secretary of State where I also worked. She wrote speeches, I wrote policy. Our paths crossed again in 1989 when I was asked to take on Glenda’s role as the officer responsible for the National Literacy Secretariat’s business and labour portfolio as well as workplace literacy. Glenda was off to work on a major project with Dr. Maurice Taylor on literacy task analysis, an assignment that launched her into a successful consulting career.

Back in the late 1980s and early 1990s, workplace literacy was a new concept and we were all learning about important techniques such as the literacy task analysis, the organizational needs assessment, workplace project teams and customized curriculum. The importance of this early work can not be underestimated. Glenda’s contribution to the field lay the foundation for what continues today as workplace literacy and essential skills.

I pulled up a list of Glenda’s publications which shows some of her work.

  • Taylor, Maurice and Glenda Lewe. Literacy Task Analysis. A How to Manual for Workplace Trainers. 1990.
  • Taylor, Maurice C. and Glenda R. Lewe. Basic Skills Training: A Launchpad for Success in the Workplace. Literacy Task Analysis Project. Final Technical Report. National Literacy Secretariat, Ottawa, Ontario. 1990.
  • Taylor, Maurice; Glenda Lewe; James Draper, eds, Basic Skills for the Workplace. Toronto, 1991.
  • Lewe, Glenda. Basic Skills in the Total Quality Workplace. 1994.
  • Lewe, Glenda R. Learning in a Quality Environment: An Individual and Corporate Challenge. Culture Concepts Books, 1995.
  • Lewe, Glenda and Carol D. MacLeod. Step into the World of Workplace Learning: A Collection of Authentic Workplace Materials. Ottawa, Ontario: Human Resources Development Canada. 2001.

My condolences to her husband Peter and her family.

Glenda Lewe obituary

About Brigid Hayes

Brigid Hayes has developed an expertise in learning that spans over 30 years as a senior government policy advisor and program manager and partnership developer; director of labour for a national business/labour skills centre and as an independent consultant. Her knowledge of and experience in workplace literacy and learning has contributed to her recognition as an expert in this field, and she has undertaken significant activities to both help promote and enhance literacy and lifelong learning. Brigid works as an independent consultant and expert advisor on learning, literacy, and work. She has successfully developed a strategic planning and policy development practice involving workplace literacy, essential skills, partnership development, research, and evaluation.
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1 Response to Remembering Glenda Lewe

  1. Thank you Brigid for your bringing us both this news and the important history of Glenda’s contribution to advancing our knowledge in workplace literacy.

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