Literacy and Essential Skills in Official Language Minority Communities

Several months ago, a significant report on literacy and essential skills in official language minority communities was released. The comprehensive report entitled « Développement de l’alphabétisme et des compétences essentielles (DACE) dans les communautés de langue officielle en situation minoritaire (CLOSM) »/“Literacy and Essential Skills Development in Official Language Minority Communities” was published by the Chaire de recherche Francophonie et politiques publiques de l’Université d’Ottawa, on behalf of Employment and Social Development Canada’s Office of Literacy and Essential Skills.

Marc L. Johnson is the main author of the study, and Linda Shohet is author of the section on Quebec’s English-speaking community, under the direction of  Linda Cardinal, and with the assistance of  Guillaume Deschênes-Thériault.

The purpose of the study is to assess the needs and to draw an inventory of policies, programmes and services available in Literacy and Skills Development in Official Language Minority Communities, with a specific focus on adults with lower levels of literacy and essential skills. The study is based on secondary data and consultations with some 110 key informants in the sector. The sections on Quebec anglophone communities are written in English, the rest is in French.

Here are the links to the reports:

The needs assessment:

The inventory of policies, programmes, services and service providers:

About Brigid Hayes

Brigid Hayes has developed an expertise in learning that spans almost 30 years as a senior policy advisor, program manager and partnership developer. Her knowledge of and experience in workplace literacy and learning has contributed to her recognition as an expert in this field, and she has undertaken significant activities to both help promote and enhance literacy and lifelong learning. Brigid works as an independent consultant and expert advisor on learning, literacy, and work. She has successfully developed a strategic planning and policy development practice involving workplace literacy, essential skills, partnership development, research, and evaluation.
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